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About Us

Our history

Who are we ?

ACTIF GROUP is a Congolese family group created in 2012. In 2017, we deeply redesigned our organizational structure in order to better coordinate our activities and diversify our resources. This simplification of our group structure also aims to further increase the quality of the service we offer to our customers. Our group has 35 employees and also creates a considerable number of seasonal and indirect jobs. The companies in the group all focus on specific niches in their sector of activity. The complementarity of certain companies also allows them to carry out the most complex missions together.


ACTIF GROUP is made up of a large number of companies which are divided into clusters. With this organization, we want to achieve maximum synergies and eliminate unnecessary barriers. Within the framework defined by the group, the companies have a great deal of operational autonomy and are eventually called upon to become responsible for establishing their budget and their operational results.

The Group includes:

A Management Committee responsible for the management and coordination of the companies of the group. This management committee acts as a Service Center (Active Service Center) on a daily basis and its mission is to make things easier for companies, so that they can concentrate as much as possible on their main activities. It supports all the operational services of the group in their daily functioning. The desired objective is to achieve centralized management of the various areas at group level. This allows operational departments to focus entirely on their core business. Also, it increases efficiency in their operation.

Are members of the committee:
  • company general managers

  • the shareholders of the group.

The Group Management Committee meets once a month. 

Missions & values

Promote, Defend and Assert the legitimate interests of our customers with decision-makers through a reliable network.


Passion in what we do.
Expertise is a valuable asset in society, but it is not enough on its own. Everyone must also take their project seriously and be passionate about their job.

  • Every day, we take up the challenges facing us with enthusiasm and passion.

  • We are still as motivated to design, undertake and carry out our projects.

  • We act as stimulants to creativity and innovation.

  • We offer our customers the most qualitative solutions.

  • We take to heart and defend the interests of our group.

  • Our complementarity as a group is an added value for the customer and for our profitability.

  • We share human capital, risks and skills.

  • Keep our promises

When we make a promise to a customer, partner or subcontractor, we stand by that promise. A clear illustration of this commitment is meeting deadlines.

  • A word is a word.

  • We give our teams the means to comply with their obligations.

  • We only enter into agreements that we can keep.

  • We seek solutions rather than conflicting situations, while respecting our principle of confidentiality towards our clients.

Together we are stronger

  • We offer our customers the most qualitative solutions.

  • We take to heart and defend the interests of our group.

  • Our complementarity as a group is an added value for the customer and for our profitability.

Proud of our achievements
In civil engineering, retail, infrastructure, sales, wherever our achievements are tangible, we are proud of our achievements, regardless of our position in the hierarchy.

  • We are proud of what we do, and it shows.

  • We share our successes.

Diversity concerns

Man or woman, more or less young, Congolese or citizen of the world… everyone is offered the same opportunities in terms of commitment, career, salary (for equal work, equal pay). The company encourages diversity within the teams.

  • We encourage the diversity of our staff because it illustrates our local roots.

  • Our differences are an enrichment.

  • We only let ourselves be guided by skills and the ability to carry out a function.

Open, transparent and honest

Openness, transparency and integrity are the logical counterparts of the organization within the company.

  • We are open to dialogue and we listen to the ideas of our employees and partners.

  • Everyone can make mistakes, but transparency is always essential.

  • We give and receive constructive feedback.

  • Our promises suffer no concessions. By choosing to subscribe only to agreements that we can respect, we make it a point of honor to achieve them within the set deadline.

  • We trust each other.

  • Openness, transparency and integrity translate into objectivity, rigor and honesty.

  • We follow rules and procedures.

Our Clients and Partners

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