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Our customers and  partners

They trust us

Fruitful collaborations

Actif group has built a reputation for exceeding our customers' expectations. We make sure to personalize all our services to meet all the criteria of our customers. Discover some of our private and professional clients and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Client 1


Excellence guaranteed

During our cooperation with Sovix, we worked closely together to realize their vision. We are proud of our work and what we have achieved with this client. We will be happy to work with them again.

Client 7


An exceptional service

When we started our collaboration, this client had a specific vision in mind. As the project wrapped up, he realized the end result was going to be exactly what he had imagined, only better.

Client 8


Professional support

Since our creation, we have been able to meet each of our clients' needs with regard to their project, in order to guarantee them to obtain the result they expected. It is a pleasure to know that Itaka was fully satisfied with the fruit of our collaboration.

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