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Who are we ?

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WG CONTRACTOR is a construction company member of ACTIF Group created in 2012.

It is the materialization of the choices recently made by the group in order to offer its customers an even more professional service adapted to the ever greater requirements in the civil engineering sector.

The area of expertise of WG CONTRACTOR extends from civil projects to residential construction and utility projects, in combination or not by offering global solutions for construction or renovation projects.

Collective work

The teamwork of WG CONTRACTOR is characterized by its difference and its excellence.

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Because our teams think proactively and creatively with the client right from the design phase, scrupulously following the schedule, we often create surprises with solutions that are more sustainable and more advantageous than envisaged.

The potential of partner companies and complementary subcontractors in synergy with the company is, moreover, a particularly interesting asset for larger or more complex projects.

Our desire is to multiply the forms of integrated collaboration known as “construction teams” because they allow us to work in consultation with the various stakeholders, in order to examine all aspects simultaneously and in depth. Because of this, we can quickly detect problems or eliminate unworkable elements.

Skills, Knowledge and  Flexibility

Our role is essentially in the framework, which allows us to co-define and optimize the entire construction project with a critical mind - throughout its entire life cycle.

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Our customers benefit from an optimized project, with the right balance between quality, timing and price, and above all with fewer problems.

WG CONTRACTOR has about fifteen direct collaborators who have carried out various projects under the ACTIF GROUP label and also created a growing number of indirect jobs, particularly through “construction teams”.

Moreover, a company can only evolve if its employees develop with it. This is why we offer our project managers, engineers, architects and supervisors various training programs with the support of the INPP in order to develop, learn, improve our skills and explore new areas of expertise.

Missions and Values 

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Passion in what we do

Expertise is a valuable asset in society, but it is not enough on its own. Everyone must also take their project seriously and be passionate about their job.

Projects and achievements

Address: 76 av Justice, Gombe/Kinshasa DRC
Email: Phone: +243 820 411 403

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